Yes, deep cleaning does not require buffing or scrubbing to effectively remove dirt, dust and sweat embedded in your sofa, carpet or mattress. The best way to clean your mattress, sofa or carpet is deep dirt extraction with hot water and shampoo. The truth is you do not need 10 steps of cleaning for the best deep cleaning results, do not fall for such marketing gimmicks.

We do not conduct any scrubbing or buffing on your fabric upholstery items and for good reason.

  1. Buffing and scrubbing can permanently damage your mattress, carpet or sofa. Excess friction and abrasion which will cause micro tear to fibres (a form of material damage). Repeated buffing and scrubbing over multiple sessions will result in permanent damage to your fabric upholstery item. This is simply not a sustainable way of cleaning.
  2. Buffing and scrubbing can actually push dirt and dust deeper within your fabric upholstery items. When water and shampoo are introduced with a downwards pressure from scrubbing, it only makes sense that fabric (being porous in nature) absorbs the water (now carrying all the contaminants) downwards further into your mattress, sofa or carpet.

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