A professional mattress cleaner’s objective is to remove as much dirt, dust and other organic matter from your mattress. As a professional mattress cleaner, our goal is to help you achieve a clean and hygienic mattress with as little chemicals and damage to your mattress as possible. We only use chemical safe shampoos that are highly biodegradable so as to not harm your health or damage your mattress. This method is safe for pets, babies and sensitive skin individuals.

A mattress detailer’s objective is to remove as much stains from your mattress as possible. To achieve this outcome, the detailer may involve procedures such as pre-treating your mattress with harsh chemicals, bleach and buffing of your mattress. It is not guaranteed that these harsh chemicals can be removed 100% from your mattress after the cleaning procedure. Furthermore, harsh buffing may result in micro tears on the surface of your mattress. This method is not recommended for users with sensitive skin, pets or young children.

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