Is curtain dry cleaning better than curtain steam cleaning?

It depends on the thoroughness of the curtain cleaner. Curtain dry cleaning is a foolproof method to remove deep dirt and dust from curtains as it uses a machine and there is little human error to be made. On the other hand, curtain steam cleaning has a margin of human error. Steam cleaning curtains is […]

What is the difference between curtain dry cleaning and curtain steam cleaning?

Curtain dry cleaning is recommended for curtains that have not been washed for more than 6 months as it is a more thorough procedure of cleaning and will be able to remove deep dirt and dust. The curtain dry cleaning process involves dismantling and bringing your curtains off-site to be cleaned and ironed. The curtains […]

What is the difference between Laundry Wash and Curtain Dry Cleaning?

Curtain dry cleaning is a more careful procedure to cleaning your curtains. You can refer to the label on your curtains to determine if you should do a curtain wash or curtain dry cleaning procedure. If you cannot find a label on your curtains, look at the material your curtains are made of. For example, […]