3 Reasons why everyone should clean their mattress professionally

What's in your mattress, dirt, dustmites, allergen, body oils, sweat, dead skin, bacteria, viruses and mold

Did you know that maintaining a clean mattress is even more crucial than ensuring the cleanliness of your home’s carpets, sofas and curtains? While you might assume that a mattress only requires attention in the event of a spill or accident, the reality is that regular cleaning is essential due to its frequent use. Explore the following three compelling reasons why prioritizing the cleaning of your mattress is imperative.


  1. Enhance Indoor Air Quality: Every time we shift positions during sleep, fine dust and dead skin particles within the mattress are released into the air we breathe. Consistent mattress cleaning can significantly reduce the dust levels in your home, thereby enhancing the quality of your indoor air. By addressing this often overlooked aspect, you contribute to a healthier living environment.

  2. Allergy Prevention: Dust mites and their excretions are common triggers for allergies, including asthma. Combat these allergens by regularly cleaning your mattress, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions. For those susceptible to dust mite allergies, using dust mite covers on mattresses and pillows can further prevent mite colonization, offering an additional layer of protection against allergy-related issues such as sinus.

  3. Skin Irritant Avoidance: Beyond dust and mites, mattresses accumulate perspiration, dead skin cells, and bacteria over time. Nightly itching may sometimes result from dry skin or the fabrics we wear, but for individuals with sensitive skin, regular mattress and linen cleaning can alleviate this problem. Maintaining cleanliness in these areas ensures a more comfortable and irritation-free sleeping experience for sensitive skin individuals such as eczema.


Considering that we spend approximately one-third of our lifetime—eight hours a day—in bed, maintaining a clean mattress is crucial for overall health. By addressing these key factors, you not only contribute to your well-being but also that of your family. A clean and hygienic mattress provides a foundation for restful sleep, offering you peace of mind and a more comfortable sleep environment.

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